I began, as many do, in the kit room. It gave me a solid and hands-on, practical experience of the entire filmmaking process. The base knowledge I have acquired over more than twenty years in the industry has proven invaluable.

I went on to hone my skills as a freelancer. Firstly as a First AC and then progressing to Camera Operator across all areas of the film industry. 

The progression to Director of Photography has been the most satisfying transition so far. I thrive on getting the best out of every shot. I’m as comfortable working in a studio filming a narrative scene as I am out in the elements shooting a documentary. 

I have comedy, drama, documentary, commercial, features, promo and television entertainment credits.

I’ve been fortunate enough to work and collaborate with many talented, creative, decent people. I’ve travelled extensively and lived out some truly amazing experiences. I'm proud to be able to say I’ve had the opportunity to create and capture some beautiful images along the way. 

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